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We are known for aromatic, flavorful and premium quality spices, the Kalaunji  Spices has a well-built network of Spice cultivators and likewise a sturdy network of distributors which makes us amongst the best.

Kalaunji Spices Brand is manufactured by SV Food Products

The Kalaunji Spices

Kalaunji Turmeric Contains Curcumin, a Substance With Powerful Anti-Inflammatory Effects. It contains several compounds with medicinal properties, the most important of which is curcumin.

Kalaunji SpicesTurmeric Powder

Kalaunji Coriander rich in immune-boosting antioxidants, may help lower blood sugar, benefit heart health, protect brain health, promote digestion and gut health, fight infections, protect your skin.

Kalaunji SpicesCoriander Powder

Kalaunji Red Chilli helps in Digestion, maintains Blood Pressure Levels, Anti-inflammatory, helps in Weight Loss, improves Cognitive Function, improves Heart Health., helps in Nasal Congestion, builds Immunity And Fights Diseases.

Kalaunji SpicesRed Chilli Powder

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